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Lauren Palmeri is more than a food stylist, she is an industry expert who has worked with top chefs, cooking shows and publications. She does everything, from developing and styling the perfect margarita to demoing the ultimate week-night air fryer recipe. 

• She does it all for the love of food.• 

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Palmeri porchetta on point! 🙌🏻Finishin
Save the turkeys!! #Styling and #develop
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food stylist

Working with all media platforms — print, online, social, and television — Lauren has a distinctive style that is natural and true to the food. She is able to capture beautiful and authentic food moments for photographs and videos.

recipe developer

In the test kitchen, Lauren can develop and test a wide range of recipes for optimal results. She is able to create, adjust, or modify recipes for specific target audiences, as well as various media platforms.

culinary producer

With extensive experience in television and social videos, Lauren can produce accessible and engaging food segments from start to finish. She is able to translate a range of recipes and culinary styles for all levels of home cooks and food lovers.

Let's get cookin'!


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